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      Gigabit Fiber Internet

      Why Sonic Gigabit Fiber?

      Browse, Game, Stream Your Heart?Out.

      Ultra-fast, and totally reliable. It doesn’t matter how you spend your screentime; Gigabit Fiber has the speed and bandwidth to seamlessly support any online activity without lags or downtime.

      More Devices. Less Problems.

      Connect as many devices as you like without fear of slowdown or data caps. Now, everyone in your house can do it all on the best possible connection with Gigabit Fiber.

      Ultra-Fast Speeds, Up and?Down.

      Whether you’re binging on shows, uploading photos, sharing large files, or video chatting in HD, our symmetric speeds transfer data at more than 20x the national average.

      What can Sonic do for you? Find?services in your neighborhood.

      Sonic Gigabit Fiber. The Future of Internet Connectivity.

      Our 100% Fiber network delivers internet connectivity over the most advanced, cutting-edge technology available. Fiber-optics transfer data via light traveling through small, flexible glass strands. Not only does light travel faster, but it isn’t susceptible to outside forces, like power outages, weather, age, or distance. So, you get the fastest, most reliable, future-proof network available. Welcome to the gold standard of internet connectivity.

      *Plus taxes and fees.

      Better Internet. Better?Price.

      At Sonic, we believe super-fast, trustworthy internet should be accessible to all. Our members don’t have to break the bank to supply their homes with the kind of internet they deserve. That’s why we offer the best internet + phone service starting at just $40/month*.


      Sonic Service Features.

      No data caps, limits, or throttling

      No installation fees

      15 email accounts, 1GB of storage

      Personal web hosting and new domain

      Member-focused privacy policies

      Free VPN

      Fax-to-email service

      Keep your current phone number

      Spam Call Blocking

      Unlimited calling to 60+ countries

      A Different Kind of Internet Service Provider.

      A Leader in Customer Care

      Our Customer Care team is friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping our members get the most out of their Sonic service. We believe there’s nothing more important than the power of being nice.

      Internet with Integrity

      We delete user data every two weeks, and pledge to never voluntarily sell or share our members’ private information. We also uphold the principles of net neutrality. Sonic has your back when it comes to online rights and your personal security.

      Supporting Our Local Community

      Established in 1994, we’ve been serving our shared local community for years and counting. We’re proud to be committed to delivering the fastest, cheapest internet available to the Bay Area and beyond.

      Get super-fast internet from the local ISP you can trust.